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A Guide to Affordable Quality Dentures in Connecticut

In many cases, missing teeth are more than a matter of appearance. Those unsightly gaps often lead to problems with eating, drinking, speaking, and misalignment of surrounding teeth. For these reasons, it’s important to consult your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist about an appropriate replacement. Your best solution will likely be some form of dentures.

Common Types of Dentures

After a close examination and discussion of your habits and any budgetary considerations, your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist will recommend one of the following types of dentures:

  • Partial Dentures – This option can be an ideal solution to fill in gaps when only some of your teeth are missing. This category includes flexible partials, a more comfortable version of traditional partials discussed in a following section.
  • Complete Dentures – If you are missing all or nearly all of your upper or lower teeth, you may be given a set of complete dentures to replace either or both sets of missing teeth.
  • Overdentures – If your have the necessary teeth remaining to support them, overdentures can be an excellent option for replacing one or more missing teeth.
  • Immediate Dentures – After a tooth extraction, it takes time for your bones and the surrounding tissue to heal properly. Temporary dentures help fill the gap until a permanent solution can be placed.

More Comfortable Denture Alternatives

There are a number of new options that make denture wear considerably more comfortable. Ask your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist if one of them might be right for your needs.

Soft-lined dentures absorb pressure.

If you’ve had problems with conventional dentures, or if you’re simply looking for a more comfortable alternative, ask your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist about soft-lined dentures. These quality-crafted dentures are lined with a softer material that absorbs pressure and makes them easier to wear than more rigid types.

Benefits of soft-lined dentures.

Aside from the obvious benefit of comfort, soft-lined dentures offer many of the same advantages as traditional dentures. Even better, the softer lining absorbs pressure from chewing, making these dentures easier to wear for extended periods of time. Most people find they can bite, chew, and speak with ease. Your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist can advise you as to whether soft-lined dentures are a smart option to fill in for your missing teeth. If recommended, this more comfortable denture alternative should greatly improve the health of your gums and the quality of your life.

Flexible partials for a better fit.

If you are missing one or more teeth, ask your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist about the option of flexible partials. This more comfortable version of a partial denture will help restore your normal appearance and function with minimal discomfort. Made from a supple material, partial dentures are lightweight and less rigid than standard partials. The less rigid base allows them to easily bend and flex with the movements of your mouth. If recommended, flexible partials will give you a better fit and greater comfort, without the visible metal clasps that hold traditional partial dentures in place.

How to Tell If You Need Dentures.

There can be many indications that you require dentures. The most obvious one may be a lack of confidence in your smile. Pain and an inability to chew comfortably can also signal a problem.

Other common clues include:

  • Frequent and/or severe tooth pain (This may signal that decay has reached the tooth’s pulp.)
  • Tender, bleeding or swollen gums, or loose and shifting teeth (These may indicate periodontal disease.)
  • A history of infrequent dental visits, particularly less than twice a year
  • Difficulty chewing certain foods
  • Previous tooth loss and a possible shifting of surrounding teeth

What to Expect With New Dentures.

Although most people dislike the idea of wearing dentures, a lot has changed since the days when your grandparents wore them. Today, there are many comfortable and affordable options for replacing those missing teeth.

After the Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist carefully weighs your needs, she or he will discuss your options and recommend an appropriate solution. This may turn out to be traditional dentures or either fixed or removable dental implants. The placement of your new dentures will depend on the type recommended. Regardless of which type your dentist chooses for you, you will be well on your way to smiling, chewing, and speaking with ease again.

Care of your new dentures.

Your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates staff will instruct you on the proper care and maintenance for your specific type of denture. Make sure you follow this advice carefully to protect your investment. You can avoid common problems due to insufficient cleaning. With the right care, your quality dentures should provide you with many years of comfortable chewing and confident smiles.

Avoiding dentures with proper dental care.

Even though today’s dentures are far superior to the false teeth of past generations, they will never be as reliable or as comfortable as your own healthy teeth. This is why good oral hygiene is so critical for avoiding a potential need for dentures. The best way to prolong your own healthy teeth and ideally avoid dentures altogether, is to visit your Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates dentist for regular cleanings and to practice proper dental care at home. Unless you have a history of dental problems, you may be able to prevent those that ultimately lead to a need for dentures.

Soft-Lined Dentures

Soft-lined dentures help our Connecticut patients achieve a new level of comfort. They also help improve the health of your gum tissue by absorbing pressure caused by chewing. With the same great benefits of standard hard-lined dentures, soft-lined dentures have helped many patients at our Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates office perform everyday activities with increased comfort and confidence. These patients have found that soft dentures leave them free to enjoy their lives without the hassle and inconvenience of denture pain.

At Dr. Jack L. Gish & Associates we fashion top-quality, finely crafted and custom-fitted dentures. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable and cosmetically pleasing result possible so you can smile with confidence once again.

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